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Uk Mail Exhcnage’s (ukmx) provides personalised email addresses and professional business email to users of all levels no matter what their technical limits.

UKMX offers a wide selection of unique brand free email address in two main forms, fun email address and location email addresses. These email address are personalised to you and available to keep for as long as you want. We also offer personal and business domain registrations like .com, and, these domains are owned by you can be used for websites and blogs too.

Our website has been designed to be clear and simple to use, assuming no prior knowledge we pride our selves on providing an easy to follow email setup approach. Once you have setup an email address and mailbox you can access and send emails using webmail via your internet browser or using software on your PC, mobile phone or blackburry via POP, IMAP or SMTP.

UKMX don’t just allow you to create email addresses, we also offer professional website design via our diy web design portal or by working with one of your web design team.

We have at ukmx our proud of our services but never stop striving to improve and always welcome requests and feedback.

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