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Uk Mail Exchange is a market leading service provider of personalised email addresses for both personal and business use.

Set up Email

If you need to set up email then this is the right place for you. There are many ways to set up email depending on what you want.

Create Email Address

Our simple to use sites allows you to create an email address in minutes without any technical knowledge of the internet.

Personal Email

We provide Personal Email which is unique, secure, reliable and easy to use. To create your personal email account, simply enter you name and search.

Business Email

We supply Business Email which is professional, reliable, secure and affordable. To create your business email account, simply enter your business name and search.

Fun Email

We offer Fun Email for personal email users who want a cool, cute or funny email address with 100’s to choose from you are sure to find the perfect solution.

Email Domain

If you know the email domain you want then use our quick lookup function to see if it’s available.

Email Account

Uk Mail Exchange provide email accounts that are professional and reliable for personal and business use. To set up an email account choose an email address and add it to your basket.


To set up a Mailbox simply choose your email address, each mailbox comes with Webmail, POP, SMTP and IMAP access along with anti-spam and anti-virus support.

Email Providers

We are one of the most respected email providers within the United Kingdom; not only do we offer great choice and a reliable service, but also great value.

New Email Address

If you want a new email address you can set up one on this site. Changing email address can be a pain but email addresses set up here can be kept for life.

Email Services

We offer many email services including personal and business email addresses, mailboxes with Webmail, POP, SMTP and IMAP access along with anti-spam and anti-virus support. We also offer websites with a full suite of Scripts and FTP access.

Email Address

Create your own unique email address ideal for business or personal use; simply add your details and our search wizard will suggest professional results.

Make Email Address

Our site allows you to make personalised email addresses; our site has been designed to be fast and simple to use. Just enter your details and see expert results.

Own Email Address

All email addresses set up using our site are owned by our customers this means they can keep them forever, even if they change computers or broadband suppliers.

Change Email Address

You want to change your email address; you will find the perfect new email address here. We are email providers of personal email and business email and focus on providing unique email addresses and reliable service.

Personalised Email

We provide personalised email addresses for personal and business use. Enter your name and we will find an email address unique to you with no compromise.


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