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Email is the fastest growing and most important form of written communication around today. Both individuals and businesses have come to rely on email to organise their lives, run their businesses or just to stay in touch.

Email has its origins in the 80’s but didn’t see a boom until the 90’s with the introduction of Hotmail in 1996; the first free email provider. To get email you require an email address to which the mail gets delivered to, a mailbox to store the emails, an email client to access the mailbox and send emails and finally an internet connection. There are many ways you can make an email address, you could use a free email provider but this normally means you are limited in what email address you can have and the service you receive.

The alternative is to pay for a personalised email address using a professional email provider. Once you have selected your provider you can set up an email mailbox and decide how you wish to access your emails.

Many casual users use webmail which is a web based program that can be accessed anywhere and does not require any software to be installed. Frequent email users who have there own PC or Mac normally choose to access their mail using software like Microsoft Outlook, Incredimail or Windows Mail which is packaged with Microsoft Windows Vista. Another increasingly popular method to access email is on Mobile Phones, Blackberry’s and many other portable devices.

Email is fast, reliable, convenient and global; email users often find themselves wondering how they lived without it. To get started and create your own unique email address, view our guide and start benefiting from the new age of communication.

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